Hair Color Trends 2018

The following category is dedicated to hair color trends for 2018. This category is for any woman who seeks versatility and always looks for new ways to change up her looks. When talking about changes the first thing that comes to mind is trying a new hair color. Here you will find everything from bold to subtle. Regardless of whether you prefer super bright shades or solid hues, view our gallery of striking hair colors and pin the most inspiring pictures to elaborate your beautiful image.

Striking Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2018

There is a growing tendency of wearing mermaid hair. Well, every woman wants to channel her inner Ariel. Getting mermaid hair will not only make you popular but also boost your confidence. Indeed, going for mermaid hair is a big commitment but if you are ready to jump on the train and pull off bight pastels these striking mermaid hair colors for 2018 are great for you. Just make sure to get the look at the best hair salons plus don’t forget to ask your hair colorist for color treatments. It is the best way to make your color last a little bit longer.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

Strawberry is the trendiest shade of blonde that is quite tempting. It is an excellent color for blondes and redhead that find it hard to commit between these two tones. It is not a secret that Hollywood starlets are also in love with this sweet shade. Luckily strawberry blonde hair color is super versatile, so you have a long list of shades to choose from. Feel free to combine different tones of red and blonde for a unique hair look. However, this tone is not for everyone, the traditional strawberry blonde works for women with fair warm-toned skin. We highly recommend consulting your colorist before trying it. Here are the most elegant strawberry blonde hair colors for 2018.

Subtle Highlights and Lowlights for Brown Hair Color in 2018

Highlights and lowlights are the best spice for brown hair. Even a simple or outdated haircut will have an exquisite look with highlights and lowlights. They tend to bring out one’s eye-color and skin tone. Hair highlights and lowlights should be two-tone darker or lighter than your existing hair color, but you should still consult your hair colorist to find the best option for you. You need to make sure how much contrast do you want to have. There are numerous techniques to apply lowlights and highlights to your hair and foiling is just one of them. Here are some ideas of highlights and lowlights for brown hair color in 2018. Check them out for better idea.

Bright Pastel Hair Colors for 2018

We are calling all those pastel hair color fanatics, who has always wanted to pull off these fun and funky shades. Pastels has gone viral all over Instagram. Tempting bright shades, make ladies bleach their strands to the highest level of blonde and then apply the sweetest pastels to their locks. There are a few fresh takes on this trend that are leaving us with some hair envy. From incredible tones of peach to amazing purples, we can’t stop marveling at cotton candy hair. Have a look at these bright pastel hair colors for 2018 and pick up your own style.

Bright Red Hairstyle Ideas for 2018

Nowadays women want to experiment with more and more colors. When it comes to coloring our tresses, there is no boundaries. However, there is no color fierier than a bright red. Bright red hair colors are not new in this industry but they are getting evolved day by day. Hence, this article is not about traditional auburns, coppers or burgundies, it is all about bright red hairstyle for 2018. Modern red hair colors are brighter and more vivid. Read forward to discover the most vibrant red for your skin tone and eye color.

Lovely Summer Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Modern hair colors seem bolder and brighter but we love that. If you are a fashion guru or Instagram follower perhaps you have already noticed the geode and unicorn hair color trends. So many beauty bloggers popped up with crazy-colored tresses and gave us new ideas on how we can experiment with new shades. These lovely summer hair color ideas for 2018 seem quite bold to rock all year long but they are excellent for this festival season. Go ahead with one of these funky shades and you will never regret.

Medium Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Many celebrities and popular women make the medium blonde hair color the most important part of their image. Variations of this haircut and hair color is always evolving. However, the combination of a blonde shade and medium-length hair continues to be the most classic choice. Here, we have compiled medium blonde hairstyle ideas in 2018 for women with different preferences, textures and face shapes. In case if you don’t like super long or super short hairstyles, medium length hair may be just what you are searching for and it will have a better look when you pair your cut with a sophisticated blonde shade.

Striking Brown Hair Colors for 2018

You still think that brown hair colors are demur and plain? We are going to prove the opposite. Here we have put together some striking brown hair colors for 2018. Brown hair carries so much versatility. Due to its flexibility, this shade can easily be transformed into something different. You can chance your light brown hair color with highlights and lowlights or opt for an ombre pattern. If you suffer from lack of inspiration, check out these cute brown hair colors. They are trending, easy to wear and flatter almost all skin tones and eye colors.

Hottest Hair Color Ideas for 2018

There are lots of new hair color trends on the horizon. Popular hair colorist put lots of effort to come up with fresh hair color ideas. It seems that we can’t find anything better than balayage and pastel hair colors but there are many other trends that you would want to try out. In case if you want to update your existing hair color, or try something new, check out these hottest hair colors for 2018. While compiling these pictures, we have used well-known hair colorists’ Instagram pages as an ultimate source of inspiration. If you are ready, let’s start!  

Long Hairstyle Ideas for 2018

When it comes to long hairstyles, they are always in style. Long hair provides with plenty of styling options, so you are not going to get bored so easily. Long hairstyles are for everyone, regardless of age, natural texture, face shape. They look a lot better with vibrant hair colors and piecey layers. Be that beach waves, natural curls or sharply-angled strands, you can always make your long hair more interesting and eye-catching. Take your time and go through our article to find the most alluring and ravishing long hairstyle ideas for 2018. These pictures of long hairstyles will give you an idea on how you can style your hair every day.