Chic Boho Inspired Braids for 2018

Boho inspired braids for 2018 can be worn everywhere- from proms to night parties. Boho braids are all about simplicity and versatility. It is the best solution that can be seen on the runway as well as in the street. Here, we have included some chic boho braids, that you can pull off even at home. Just prepare some bobby pins and strong hold hair spray and go ahead with one of these styles. If you are ready, let’s start without wasting even a second.

Kim Kardashian’s Hairstyle Evolution

When it comes to Kim Kardashian’s hair, there is really something to talk about. She is a prominent celebrity and trendsetter who has a huge influence on fashion industry. Indeed, with the passage of time she has changed a lot. She has tried numerous hairstyles and hair colors that are still copied by females all around the world. No one will forget her platinum blonde tresses. Today we have selected the most eye-catching hairstyles by Kim Kardashian. This style icon knows how to impress her fans and followers. Adopt one of Kim’s hairstyles and make a fashion statement.

2018 Halo Braids Hairstyles Ideas

There is something magical about halo braids. Any type of halo braid will provide with a goddess look. However, halo braid is a result of French, Dutch or fishtail braid that is being wrapped around the head. It can be braided either tightly or loose depended on how you prefer to wear it. To give you an idea on how you can experiment with halo braids, I have compiled halo braids hairstyle idea for 2018. Go on reading to find your favorite type of halo braids.

2018 Incredible Summer Hairstyles with Accessories

Summer is a season of pool parties, weddings and outdoors, so you should find appropriate hairstyle to match the event. You can wear your tresses in the same old way but you can kick things a notch higher with accessories. If you are planning to get creative with your summer hairstyles, we are here to help you. A simple hair accessory may turn your plain and boring headdress into something amazing. Below we have included incredible summer hairstyles with accessories for 2018. No doubt, these hairstyles will fill your summer days with joy and fun. Just have a look and don’t hesitate to copy.

Best Hairstyle Moments of the Week

It is not a secret that celebrities pop up with a new hairstyle and hair color quite often. We don’t manage to digest their new styles and they debut a brand-new look that is no less catchy than the previous one. We all know that the celebrities have a huge group of stylists behind them that provide with the coolest looks ever. Luckily most of celeb’s hairstyles and hair colors are affordable. Today, we have rounded up with the best hairstyles moments of the week. We don’t guarantee that tomorrow or next week, you will see them with the same hairstyles but these are the looks that got our attention this week.

Mind-Blowing Pin up Hairstyle Ideas for 2018

Modern hairstyle trends may come and leave, but retro hairdos will always stay with us. There is a group of females that is totally obsessed with retro hairstyles. If you are one of them, you should check out our post about mind-blowing pin up hairstyles for 2018. You have an opportunity to create the most feminine looks with baby bangs, curls, victory rolls and pin up styles. So, keep your pins ready, and check out the following vintage hairstyles that we have selected for you. We so hope, you will love them.

Short Hairstyles with Bangs for 2018

Bangs never lose their actuality. they can be customized for any face and texture. No wonder, both celebrities and ordinary women love to experiment with these elements. Luckily bangs come in various shapes and lengths. You can style your bangs in many ways. They allow you to try out numerous hairstyle options. A simple movement throughout your bangs, will provide you a whole new look. However, the bangs are the best patterns to change up your style without radical changes. Here you will find the coolest short hairstyles with bangs for 2018.

Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair

You have natural straight hair and you don’t know how to style it? Well, follow us as we have compiled some cute hairstyle ideas for straight hair. Sometimes straight hair tends to look limp for this reason it is important to choose a right haircut and hairstyle to avoid such problems. When it comes to straight and fine hair, pixies and bob can make an excellent option. Added volume and texture will make your locks even more charming. However, we have included some nice ideas that you may really love. Read forward to discover new hairstyle ideas for straight hair.

Subtle Highlights and Lowlights for Brown Hair Color in 2018

Highlights and lowlights are the best spice for brown hair. Even a simple or outdated haircut will have an exquisite look with highlights and lowlights. They tend to bring out one’s eye-color and skin tone. Hair highlights and lowlights should be two-tone darker or lighter than your existing hair color, but you should still consult your hair colorist to find the best option for you. You need to make sure how much contrast do you want to have. There are numerous techniques to apply lowlights and highlights to your hair and foiling is just one of them. Here are some ideas of highlights and lowlights for brown hair color in 2018. Check them out for better idea.

Stunning Prom Updos for Long Hair in 2018

For young school girls, it is always crucial to choose a unique prom hairstyle and outfit. If you are also doing your best to create a beautiful prom image, we are here to help you. The following stunning prom updos for long hair in 2018 will make you the queen of the ball. So, keep things trendy by embracing your natural texture. This year you should consider pulling off a little bit loose and messy updo. Literally any version of braid is in demand. You can freely introduce these patterns to your look. However, while choosing a prom updo, keep in your mind that your headdress should highlight your personality and character.