Pretty Hairstyle Ideas for 2018

Looking for a new way to style your strands? Try these pretty hairstyle ideas for 2018. When it comes to girly and feminine ‘dos, a simple accessory or a new hair color may be more than enough to create a whole new look. While compiling these hairstyles, we have used Instagram as an ultimate source of inspiration. You can never go wrong with these unbelievably beautiful hairstyles. If you are truly ready for changes, go on reading and draw your inspiration from these models.

Adorable Cornrow Hairstyles for 2018

Cornrow hairstyles are always in style, so whenever you decide to wear them you can make sure of making a fashion statement. Apart from being super stylish, they are also very protective. As soon as you pull them off, you will not need to use damaging hair tools or products. However, cornrows offer numerous hairstyle options. So, if you want to wear something elegant yet different, buy hair extensions and go ahead with cornrows, but if you need some inspiration, check out these adorable cornrow hairstyles for 2018.

Katy Perry’s Changing Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Katy Perry is known to be not only a popular singer but also a fashion icon that goes for hair transformations quite often. She has already rocked the brightest hair colors and craziest haircuts. However, we still wait to see something different. She knows how to leave her fans with hair envy. Fashion critics love to discuss her hair looks, while hairstylist get inspired from them. Today we have decided to compile the brightest hairstyle and hair color ideas by Katy Perry. If you don’t know what hairstyle to ask for your next appointment, these photos may be quite helpful.

Incredible Prom Side Swept Hairstyles for 2018

Your prom is close and you don’t know what hairstyle you are going to sport, we are here to help you. We put together the most feminine side swept hairstyles for prom in 2018. Keep in your mind that these hairstyles have been popular among celebs as well. Literally, any hairstyle is possible to create on the side of your head- ponytail, buns, curls and so on. As the prom season is approaching, everyone is excited about the choice of outfit, accessories and hairstyles. If you have already made your choice of your outfit, check out these inspiring hairdos and make your look complete by rocking one of these stunning hairdos.

Edgy Faux Hawk Hairstyles for 2018

Are you ready to go bold? Then let’s do it with the help of these edgy faux hawk hairstyles for 2018. In this post, we have included some modern takes on the style that look quite interesting. These hairstyles are for females who want to be spotted in the crowd. With a faux hawk, you will gain lots of compliments. The best thing about faux hawks is that they allow you to use your creativity for incredible updos, braids, ponytails and other hairstyles. Faux hawks can be worn formally too. Go on reading to see the best ideas for faux hawks.

Wedding Updo Hairstyle by Celebs

Wedding said hairstyles don’t have to be complicated or so basic. You may opt for a simple updo to make your wedding look stand out. It is the highest moment to think outside of the bun and sport a hairstyle that is unique and incredible at the same time. Even if you decide to go for a simple headdress, ask your hairstylist for help as it is your big day and your wedding hairstyle needs to be flawless. Here we have compiled the best wedding updo hairstyles by celebs. If you don’t know what style to pull off choose one of these amazing looks and rock.

Modern hairstyles with Caramel Highlights in 2018

Caramel is one of those sophisticated hues that can be used to create masterpieces. Whether you believe or not, but this shade works on everyone, regardless of natural texture, and skin tone. A warm caramel tends to emphasize your appearance in the best way. The greatest thing about this shade is that it can be customized for every hair color. Feel free to place light or dark caramel highlights either on your existing hair color. Both the colorists and clients love caramel because of being so flexible. Read forward to see some modern hairstyles with caramel highlights in 2018.

Men’s Long Hairstyles for 2018

Seeing men with long hair is not surprising anymore. Having long hair is a way to grab attention. If you are looking to try a new hairstyle on your long hair, check these long hairstyles for men in 2018. The most popular hairstyle for long hair is the bun. Be that high or low bun, any man wearing the style will make a bold statement. However, we have already spotted various men with long hair. Now check out these amazing examples for your ultimate inspiration. Just keep in your mind that long tresses also require regular upkeep.

Celebs’ Best Hairstyle Transformations

We know how easily celebs transform from one look to another. They don’t fear to go for bold hair looks and inspire others to do the same. Transformation is the best way to boost your confidence and impress your friends. It is really fun to go from ultra-long to ultra-short or from ultra-light to ultra-dark. Here we have selected celebs’ latest hairstyle transformations. If you are not brave enough to do your first step, have a look at these stunning celebs and get inspired from plus you may choose the transition that is closer to your heart.

Chic Shag Hairstyles for Long Hair

It is a proved fact that in spring and summer females prefer to opt for effortless hairstyles, if you are also one of them, try these chic shag hairstyles for long hair in 2018. In our previous articles, we have spoken about shags for short and medium length hair but this time you will see incredible shags for females with a little bit longer hair. Today we will break all stereotypes that shags are only for women with medium or short length hair. For an excellent shag haircut add volume or remove excessive bulk.