Mohawk Fade Hairstyles for Men in 2018

Like many other hairstyles for men, Mohawk also can be worn in different ways. Mohawk fade is a modern take on traditional styles. Mohawk requires shaving both sides of the head for a bold look. If you are into using modern clippers, you can try various types of a look that will give some edge to your appearance. Otherwise you may go for fades that still maintain some length at the sides. Here are Mohawk fade hairstyles for men in 2018. If you want to try something different, check out these styles and get inspired from.

Modern Mohawk Hairstyle

This Mohawk features V shape at the back of the head. It uses multiple hair designs to give a bold touch to the look. This outstanding Mohawk requires spiking up along one side of the cut and highlighting with hair designs. Switch up your hair color for a brand-new look. Indeed, it is a unique Mohawk that should be taken by men who think out of the box.Modern Mohawk HairstyleFaded Mohawk for Black Men

Here is an excellent Mohawk hairstyle for black men with crisp and fuzzy hair. It is all about a large burst fade at each side that gives a Mohawk shape to the strands at the top of the head. As soon as you get the cut, just embrace your natural texture and achieve an excellent Mohawk style that is stylish as well as bold. It is the right moment to grab attention with your edgy crop.Faded Mohawk for Black Men Mohawk Fade

Replace your regular spikes with a bold pomp and the undercut with the fade and you have this amazing hawk. The hawk starts from top of the head and finishes at the nape of the neck. You should have enough hair length and texture to get it.

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