Modern Hairstyle Ideas for Men in 2018

Men’s hair fashion is evolving day by day. There are numerous new hairstyle ideas for men with a little bit longer or shorter hair. Those with longer hair seem quite bold and free spirits while men with short hair opt for different patterns to make the trim more compiling and stylish. Men’s latest hair trends feature bold undercuts, fringe cuts, classic slick-back styles with tapered sides and so on. Nowadays it is possible to pick a unique haircut and stand out in the crowd. If you are also planning to go for a new hair look, here we have some modern hairstyle ideas for men in 2018.

Messy Pomp Fade

Undoubtedly you should have some hair length on the top to re-create this look. The lengthy hair provides enough height for an excellent pompadour style. The faded sides show off the contrast between hair lengths. However, it is impossible not to notice the dark blonde tone of the strands. If you are ready to switch up your hair color, then you are welcome to try this look.Messy Pomp FadeMedium-length Messy Hair

Medium hair length opens limitless hair styling options. Below you can see one of the trendiest styles that are worth trying. The disheveled and unkempt strands add a masculine touch to the style. It seems you don’t have to do anything else rather than running your fingers throughout your locks to achieve a perfect messy style. It is a typical “bedhead” look that is so popular among men.Medium-length Messy HairCombover with a Roll

The key to this look is a right chosen brush and blow-dryer. You will have to blow dry your looks and with the help of comb create a combover style with a slightly roll. Then finish the look with a strong hold hair spray to keep it in place.

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