Men’s Pompadour Hairstyles for 2018

Today men prefer wearing the modern versions of retro hairstyles. Indeed, pompadour is one of the best retro styles that is back again. Pompadour looks even better with modern twists. Fades and razor patterns breathe new life to retro ones. I should admit that these updated versions are truly awesome. If you are curious to see the trendiest pompadour hairstyles for men 2018, read forward to see them. Undoubtedly, you will have something to rock next time.

Hipster Pompadour

Here is a modernized version of a pompadour that is paired with a low fade. Apart from this fade, textured styling and matte finish are the part of the style. As you can see this style is still as cool as it used to be in the past. However, you can use your imagination to get even better version of the pomp, something that will be seen only on you.Hipster PompadourPompadour for Curly Hair

Pompadour is an affordable hairstyle and it can be rocked by men with different textures. This example of the pomp is great for Afro-like texture. If you have kinks or tight curls, this is the best style for you. This pompadour shape is a cool variation on a high-top fade. The height of the pomp is achieved due to the tight curls. It is an amazing style that is worth trying.Pompadour for Curly HairPlatinum Blonde Pompadour

Platinum blonde is an unexpected shade for men, but have a look at this guy, he rocks it perfectly. To achieve this shade, he has bleached his strands. Bleached-blonde tresses give extra charm to this pompadour.

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