Men’s Long Hairstyles for 2018

Seeing men with long hair is not surprising anymore. Having long hair is a way to grab attention. If you are looking to try a new hairstyle on your long hair, check these long hairstyles for men in 2018. The most popular hairstyle for long hair is the bun. Be that high or low bun, any man wearing the style will make a bold statement. However, we have already spotted various men with long hair. Now check out these amazing examples for your ultimate inspiration. Just keep in your mind that long tresses also require regular upkeep.

Half up Hairstyle

Men prefer to rock this style with a bold undercut. But the following half pony looks fabulous even without edgy patterns. Whether you have long or medium length hair you can try this pony for yourself. The hair pulled back and flowing down create a stunning look. Take your strands out of your face in a trendy way and this look should be the best inspiration for you.Half up HairstyleHigh Ponytail

Is it more than clear that the ponytail is the easiest style to create. You just need to pull your hair up and secure with simple elastic. Instead, of a low ponytail, go for a high one. This high pony keeps the strands out of the neck. It is a salvation when you don’t know how to style your long tresses in hot weather. Keep it messy for a more casual look.high ponytailCascading Long Locks

Some men avoid leaving their strands down, because they think it adds a feminine touch to their look. But your cascading locks will never look feminine with thick beard.

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