Bold Undercut Hairstyles for Men in 2018

Nothing gives men a more mannish touch than the undercut. Well, probably the undercut of the past was quite straightforward, but everything has changed and men’s hair fashion as well. Nowadays, there are numerous variations of this manly crop. Regardless of whether you have curly, straight, thick or thin hair, you can always experiment with these styles. Let’s simply have a look at the following bold undercut hairstyles for men in 2018 and get a better idea about the trend. Just think out of the box to get a better undercut hairstyle.

Bold Undercut for Straight/Wavy Hair

Here is an undercut hairstyle for men who have natural waves. The sides and the back of the head have been clean shaved while the top is left long to style in modern ways. To achieve the following style, apply pomade with a little bit shine and work into damp hair and then blow-dry using your fingers. There is nothing complicated about this style just make sure that you have the right cut.Bold Undercut for Straight/Wavy HairUndercut with Fade and Long Hair

Here is another powerful style for trendsetter men. Indeed, it is an attention-worthy hairstyle that can be adopted by men who are seeking for some more attention. However, it features sectioned side (that is a result of fade and undercut) and slicked back style. You should use some hair products to achieve this polished look. If you want to introduce some more edge to your look, grow your facial hair out.Undercut with Fade and Long HairStylish Undercut for Medium Hair

If you have medium length hair, this undercut is for you. The sideburns are disconnected while perfectly groomed line up over the sides make the style stand out. Apart from the crop, styling is also crucial.

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