Alluring Hairstyles for Black Men in 2018

This post is dedicated to hairstyles and haircuts for black men in 2018. Choosing a hairstyle for black men is not a big deal since there are so many options. Fresh cropped waves, fades, undercuts, braids and twists are always here to provide you with a modern hairstyle. Most of these crops look great when paired with a line up and textured top. Buzz cuts for black men are also striking. However, you can create your own version of a haircut and stand out in the crowd. These pictures are meant to inspire you and give you an idea what you can do with your kinky texture.

Short Hair Plus Low Fade

This fancy crop has enough length to give it a shape. The skin fade follows long hair at the top while a line up defines the forehead. It is a style for men who love keeping it neat and clean but still want to look stylish. Of course, this crop doesn’t require special styling, but you shouldn’t forget about touchups to keep it in shape. If you have an appropriate face shape this is the best style to adopt.Short Hair Plus Low FadeCurls Plus Low and High Fade

If you want to bring out your incredible kinky curls, this crop is for you. It is not a secret that most of black people are blessed with natural kinky texture. So, it is the best moment to embrace your cute texture and leave others with hair envy. If you want the same style ask your barber to go ahead with high and low fades and edge up the arcs into the beard. This style allows your kinks to burst out.Curls Plus Low and High FadeShort Sponge Twists

Sometimes afro curls appear as twists and here is the best hairstyle for men with such hair type. The length on the top is more than to showcase the beauty of sponge twists.

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