Stunning Haircuts and Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair in 2018

You are lucky, if you are gifted with naturally long thick hair. Indeed, thick hair is a great blessing but it is also responsibility because you should know how to care of it. Thick hair requires more time, effort and product. Obviously, this hair type comes in different shapes, sizes and textures. We are here to offer you some stunning haircuts and hairstyles for long thick hair in 2018. You don’t need to look further for the greatest styles to show off your incredible natural mane.

Middle Part with Beach Waves

Looking for a mermaid hairstyle? This gorgeous length perfectly imitates it. The part down the middle and cascading layers lengthening the model’s rounder face. The loose curls offer an effortless and carefree hairstyle. Apart from waves and layers, highlights also provide with dimension and depth. Ask your hairstylist for the same look with structurally-placed highlights.Middle Part with Beach WavesLoose Bun for Long Thick Hair

Long thick hair stands out because of volume and texture. When it comes to udpos for long thick hair, loose bun is super adorable. Here is the best style that you may take as a good source of inspiration. It is the easiest look that you may recreate- some back brushing, bobby pins, hairspray and your incredible look is ready for any formal or informal occasion.Loose Bun for Long Thick HairCurly Layered Haircut

Curls may not be the best option for short layered hair but they are a go-to for a longer haircut. Length balances the volume and texture provided by layers. With layers and waves your haircut will never seem boring or plain.

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