Standout Curly Pixie Hairstyles for 2018

Sometimes women with textured hair fear to go for short crops. But from now on we are going to break those fears by showing standout curly Pixie hairstyles for 2018. Pixies are included into the list of shortest haircuts and look great when styled in curls. Regardless of whether you have curls or you get them with the help of curling irons, check these styles out.pixie hairstylesWavy Disconnected Cut

Let’s start our list with a bold hairstyle like this. It is a short on the top and long on the side style that is worth trying right now. This style will never allow you to go wrong. The beauty of the look comes from side bangs that are curled. However, the long bangs not only create disconnection between the strands but also provide with a hairstyle that is neither pixie, nor bob.

Wavy Disconnected CutShaggy Layers

It is an irresistible style for women with natural texture, such as black women. The key to this sexy hairstyle is how soft and effortless it is going to look. The layered curls do all the job as they perfectly fall and frame the face. However, volume and height of the curls are incredible. Everyone with such texture may get the style. Just play up with your texture and get a fabulous hairstyle like this.curly pixie for natural hairBlonde Pixie Hair Cut

It is a little bit short style to be called bob, but it is also long enough to be called pixie. However, you may name it the way you want but one thing is more than certain – it is a hairstyle to grab lots of attention.

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