Short Hairstyles with Bangs for 2018

Bangs never lose their actuality. they can be customized for any face and texture. No wonder, both celebrities and ordinary women love to experiment with these elements. Luckily bangs come in various shapes and lengths. You can style your bangs in many ways. They allow you to try out numerous hairstyle options. A simple movement throughout your bangs, will provide you a whole new look. However, the bangs are the best patterns to change up your style without radical changes. Here you will find the coolest short hairstyles with bangs for 2018.

Cropped Pixie with Bangs

Two-tone hair colors are extremely popular for females who don’t have enough hair length to wear various hairstyle options. Two-tone hair color creates an illusion of an ombre style that works for short hair too. It is an excellent way to brighten up your whole look and have a stunning highlighted effect throughout your tresses. Follow this model and adopt the style.Cropped Pixie with BangsHipster Mullet

It seems, everything that once was old will become popular again. Everyone will admit that old trends look chic with modern twists. Here is a retro mullet haircut for all hipster ladies out there. The modern take requires using short bangs, choppy texture and a bright hair color. No doubt, this hairstyle will help you create a statement hairstyle that will make people take a second glance.Hipster MulletA-Line Bob with Bangs

Give a romantic touch to short textured bob with complementary bangs. This cut works with most hair textures and face shapes, and the best thing is that you can style it the way you want.

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