Mind-Blowing Pin up Hairstyle Ideas for 2018

Modern hairstyle trends may come and leave, but retro hairdos will always stay with us. There is a group of females that is totally obsessed with retro hairstyles. If you are one of them, you should check out our post about mind-blowing pin up hairstyles for 2018. You have an opportunity to create the most feminine looks with baby bangs, curls, victory rolls and pin up styles. So, keep your pins ready, and check out the following vintage hairstyles that we have selected for you. We so hope, you will love them.

Elegant Pin Up Hairstyle

Here is a classy way to pull off a pin up hairstyle. Indeed, it is an excellent option for retro themed parties. To create that prominent victory roll at the top of the head, you will need to use your curling iron. With the help of big-barrel curling iron create a roll and pin. Then twist the hair on the side and again pin with bobby pin. Well, if you show up in public with a hairstyle like this it will look odd, but as I mentioned it is an excellent option for special parties.Elegant Pin Up HairstylePin Up Victory Rolls

When modern twists meet with retro elements the result happens to be a mind-blowing hairstyle, ready to make you stand out in the crowd. Well, to create this style draw a simple middle part and use your curling iron for a few waves at the bottom. If you have bangs, let them show up. They will make your victory rolls even more impressive.Pin Up Victory RollsShort Bangs with Bow

This is the most prominent style from 50s that is definitely worth trying both for casual and formal occasions. It is an excellent example of short and soft bangs in a lovely solid color.

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