Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Indeed, a hair color is important part of your image, consequently it should be chosen carefully. Here we have compiled incredible hair colors for 2018. We have used Instagram as an ultimate source of inspiration. Any of this shade have been created by a popular hair colorist so, taking any of them you will have an up-to-date look while leaving others with a serious hair envy. Just as a reminder – don’t forget to take your complexion into consideration before rocking these hair colors. If you are ready to find your inspiration, keep colors for 2018White Honey Blonde

White honey blonde is a shade that you can rock all year around. It looks complete without being pale. If pale blonde is too much for you, start with a hair color that is spiced up with highlights. Several tones darker hair highlights break the paleness of the shade, giving it a hint of sophistication. The shade may easily transition into a winter color.

White Honey BlondeRed Hair Color and Beach Waves

Is there a better combination rather than coppery red and stylish beach waves? I don’t think. This combo is a great option for redheads that want to update their current red shade. Shadowy roots transform into a coppery hue while providing with a great hair color. Beach waves come in handy to showcase the beauty of sub-tones making this look complete.Red Hair Color and Beach WavesSoft Beige Blonde

Ready to go lighter with babylights? Well, here is an inspiration for you. This soft beige blonde is not only about babylights but also highlights. The tones create a multidimensional hair color that looks great on this model. Indeed, it is a fabulous way to update your blonde strands. To make the look low-maintenance, you should consider keeping the roots natural. Soft Beige BlondeLight Brown Hair Color

If you are not into extreme shades, and you have always thought that brunettes are having as much fun as brunettes, then this light brown hair color is for you. Balayage highlights create a subtle and delicate look that is simply irresistible. If you want to achieve this hair color, ask your hairstylist for structurally placed light brown highlights.Light Brown Hair ColorGreen-Blue Color Melt

Here is a standout color combo that will definitely draw lots of attention. This hair color is all about green and blue tones that has been created using color melting technique. It is a high-maintenance hair color that requires commitment. If you think that you are ready to take the wheel, then what are you waiting for!Green-Blue Color Melt