Edgy Braided Mohawk Hairstyles for 2018

Mohawk hairstyles are never going to be outdated, instead they are evolving day by day. Mohawks are associated with boldness and edginess. No wonder they are punks’ favorite style, although everyone can get the style. Classic Mohawks undergone numerous changes. However, modern versions of Mohawks look no less chic. Original Mohawks are known to be paired with shaved sides, but we are not going to make you shave your head, instead we suggest going for braids to imitate the shaved sides. Here are the most beautiful braided Mohawk hairstyles for 2018.braided mohawk hairstyelesMohawk Updo

You would never think of wearing a Mohawk updo formally, but prepare yourself for a big surprise. Your favorite Mohawk can be easily transform from casual to formal. This Mohawk is spiced with pastel highlights and braids. It is a great hairdo for women with medium length hair. You should use many bobby pins to secure your strands in place.

Mohawk UpdoChunky Braid

You can’t go wrong with an impressive hairstyle like this. The key to this look is a chunky braid that starts in the front and reaches the nape of the neck. Grey and white shades enhance the braid. If you are good at braiding then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. This Mohawk also can be worn formally as well as casually.Chunky BraidMessy Twisted Mohawk

Let’s not forget that messy styles are totally in mainstream. Mohawk hairstyles also look great in a messy pattern. If you love to have a little bit mess in your style, then don’t try to overdo your Mohawk. It is a winning hairstyle that will make you still the show wherever you go.Messy Twisted MohawkPonytail and Mohawk

One more time you can see that Mohawks are versatile. This knots provide with a Mohawk like look. It is an upgraded version of the ponytail.

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