Bold Mohawk Hairstyles for Natural Hair in 2018

Mohawk hairstyles for natural hair look unbelievable stunning. Mohawks are protective as well and they make the best solution for Afro-American women. While saying Mohawk, most of you imagine a bold hairstyle with shaved sides. But we don’t encourage everyone to take the razor. There are numerous ways to mimic shaved sides without shaving. Classic Mohawks can be pulled off in the formal settings too. Go on reading to discover the hottest bold Mohawk hairstyles for natural hair in 2018.

Crazy Mohawk

When it comes to natural hair, Mohawks are alternative. Here is shown a great way to pull off a Mohawk crop. The key to this bold and eye-catchy style is the bright orange hair color. It takes the hawk a notch higher. The sides are clipped to give it that bold feel. If you want to steal the show wherever you go, this Mohawk is the best way to do that.Crazy MohawkChic Mohawk for Natural Hair

This style is for ladies who want to rock Mohawk without shaved patterns. Be a rebel with a funky bright fuchsia hair color or any other shade you want. It will really highlight your incredible updo. However, you will need to clip the sides tightly to create an illusion of being shaved. Feel free to pull of this style formally too, just make sure that you are comfortable with it.Chic Mohawk for Natural HairCurly Mohawk for Natural Hair

This is the most feminine Mohawk that you will ever see. Spiral curls are hanging over the head while making the side pattern even more vivid.

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