Ultra-Feminine Reddish Brown Hair Colors for 2018

Reddish brown hair color offers a wide range of hair looks for those who can’t commit between red and brown tones. Here we have gathered the hottest reddish brown hair colors for 2018 that look remarkable on everyone. The best thing about wearing red with brown is that red looks quite natural with brown, so if you are fond of natural-looking hair colors, this is the shade to go ahead with. There are numerous reddish brown tones in the palette, the hardest thing is to choose something that works on your complexion and gives extra pop to your eyes.

Reddish Brown Hair Color

Let’s start our list with a sophisticated red-brown hair color like this. The healthy dose of red spreads all over medium brown shade in a stunning mix. The undertone of brown doesn’t really matter, it can be either cherry or chocolate, the final look is going to be striking. If you are looking for extra shine, ask your hair colorist to finish the style with hair gloss. It is a color that is easy to maintain.reddish brown hair colorCopper Brown Hair Color

Everyone will admit that copper is still much desired shade. But it looks better when paired with brown. The brown is great to add a natural touch to the copper. However, if you decide to pull off this look, consider your skin tone. Consult your hair colorist to know whether the shade is for your complexion, otherwise you will have a washed-out look.copper brown hair colorChocolate Red Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown and red create the most striking combination. Here is a modern take of the combo that complements different complexions.

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