Purple Hair Highlights for Different Hair Colors in 2018

It is quite fun to put some bright shades throughout your locks. It will not only boost your self-confidence, but also give an extra pop to your tresses. You can experiment literally with any shade of rainbow that you love. Today we are going to offer you some rich hair colors with purple highlights for 2018. Purple comes in numerous sub-tones so you still have something to choose from. While wearing purple highlights, the base color is crucial. Both the darkest and the lightest shades of purple provide with rich texture and dimension. If you are dare enough to experiment with bright and unnatural shades, purple highlights may be what you are looking for.

Purple and Violet Highlights for Black Hair

You can go bold with purple and violet highlights or keep it subtle and elegant. Here we can see a cool example of purple and violet highlights placed throughout the dark strands. Note that the highlights are still on the dark spectrum of the color. If you desire to have a sexy yet alternative look, these shades are excellent for you.Purple and Violet Highlights for Black HairIndigo and Purple Color Combo

You can try blue and purple color combination in any season of the year. Blue and purple streaks have been placed throughout medium-length hair to add some depth to the style. The dark base shade brings out the cuteness of indigo and purple tones. Obviously, it is a quite bright hair color that only bold ladies can. If you love it just go ahead with it.Indigo and Purple Color ComboPurple Ombre Curls

Want to brighten up your dark mane? Opt for reddish-purple ombre highlights. These shades work well with the deep base. It is not necessary to go for full commitment to achieve a mind-blowing hairstyle like this one.

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