Purple Hair Highlights for 2018

Hair highlights are great for everyone, regardless of texture and complexion. You should use the tone of highlights according to your hair color. Hair highlights add extra dimension and movement throughout the strands. When you don’t want to cut off your locks, but you want to update your haircut, go ahead with hair highlights. Here are purple hair highlights for 2018. Get ready to add extra touch of boldness to your look with these highlights.Purple Hair Highlights for 2018Purple in the Black

Why to go for a single tone when you can mix several shades and create a multidimensional hair color. Rock blonde and purple brown tones. It is a bold style that will make you stand out in the crowd. However, the technique of applying shades is important. This artistic hairstyle is all about dying your strands section by section. Get it and you will not regret.

Purple in the BlackPurple Black Hair Color

Purple streaks can be bold without overwhelming. The purple streaks placed towards the tips of the locks create a sophisticated look. The pop of purple makes the entire hairstyle more charming. This headdress is just fabulous as it allows you to wear an unconventional hair color without going too bold. It is still lower maintenance because the roots are maintained.Purple Black Hair ColorPeach and Purple Highlights

Brighten up your dark stands with chic purple and peach highlights. These highlights will enhance your look and make it bold. These highlights are quite light so you are going to make a statement.

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