Light Brown Hair Color with Highlights in 2018

Perhaps you have already known about the growing popularity of hair highlights. Hair highlights tend to make your hair more charming and appealing. It is the quickest way to enhance your look without full commitment. You can play up with blonde and brown shades and experiment with numerous other tones to get a fresh crop. Highlights have a power to add extra depth and dimension to one’s hair so you can apply them to add a visual thickness to your locks. Highlights are used to make your hair color softer and subtler. When it comes to hair highlights the options are versatile. Today we have compiled some cool light brown hair colors with hair highlights in 2018.

Brown Hair Color with Caramel Balayage

This option is the trendiest among celebrities and trendsetters. Caramel can be used to soften ultra dark brown hair. Brown and caramel balayage is a ravishing color combo you can’t look away. This yummy tone will make your brown hair more delicious and stunning. Since caramel is a universally appealing shade, it flatters a wide array of skin tones. Brown Hair Color with Caramel BalayageAsh Blonde Hair Color

This look is a result of multiple hair highlights applied throughout the locks. It is an adorable ash blonde that is somewhere in between blonde and brown shades. If you don’t want to go for a full blonde, this ashy shade may be what you are looking for. It is a fantastic option for ladies who just started to go lighter. Ashy hues are also among the latest trends, so try it out and you will not regret.Ash Blonde Hair ColorBrown Hair with Purple Highlights

All females are in love with pastels. This love leads them towards the craziest yet most feminine color combos. No one would ever imagine that brown hair may look so perfect with purple highlights.

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