Hottest Hair Color Ideas for 2018

There are lots of new hair color trends on the horizon. Popular hair colorist put lots of effort to come up with fresh hair color ideas. It seems that we can’t find anything better than balayage and pastel hair colors but there are many other trends that you would want to try out. In case if you want to update your existing hair color, or try something new, check out these hottest hair colors for 2018. While compiling these pictures, we have used well-known hair colorists’ Instagram pages as an ultimate source of inspiration. If you are ready, let’s start!  

Tiger Eye Hair Color

Tiger eye hair color is a blend of caramel and deep brown highlights. The trend is being evolved day by day and now we are totally in love with Tiger eye balayage which is a modern take on the trend. This trend has been named after the stone so no wonder that the colors are blended in a way to mimic the stone. However, this look complements warm brunette tones rich in gold and honey shades.Tiger Eye Hair ColorLovely Color Melt

According to hair colorists color melting is going to flourish this year as well. It is an amazing hair color technique that allows the stylist to use numerous tones to create a seamless color blend from top to bottom. This technique works for everyone regardless of whether you are a brunette, blonde or redhead. However, even pastel hair colors look quite natural achieved through this technique.color melting hair colorMetallic Hair Colors

Metallic hair colors are for adventures women who never fear to go for radical changes. Metallic hair shades are also in demand and they can vary in tones. They require a little bit upkeep but you will see that it is totally worth it.

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