Neymar Hairstyle Ideas for Men

Being a popular soccer player Neymar is also a fashion trendsetter who knows how to master bold and stylish haircuts. Neymar has tried all possible and impossible hairstyles-from short bangs to daring spikes. His styles are particularly inspiring for men with natural curls. Even though he opted for hair straightener as well. Indeed, he looks great with straight hair too but isn’t it a good idea to embrace the curls instead of using damaging hair tools and products? Go on reading to see Neymar’s best hairstyles for men.

Short Curls with Temple Fade

Neymar demonstrates a hairstyle that is easy to wear. Short curls look just fabulous with fresh fade. Guys who are looking for a low-maintenance haircut, should consider the following option. It is an effortless style particularly for men that are gifted with natural curls. Luckily, this headdress doesn’t require using damaging hair tools and products.Short Curls with Temple FadePlatinum Blonde Hair

This shocking shade is not only popular among women but also men. Neymar doesn’t stay away from the trend as well. The brightest shade of blonde creates a contrasting look with his dark complexion. His messy wavy tresses are bleached all over the head. He encourages men to switch up their hair color as well. If you are a bold guy looking for a daring hairstyle, consider this look.Platinum Blonde HairComb Over Fade Haircut

The comb over fade hairstyle is the hottest trend of the year and there is a reason. It looks fantastic and doesn’t require lots of upkeep.

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