Jane Fonda’s Inspiring Hairstyles for Older Women

Fashion icon Jane Fonda proves that you can always look great, without considering your age. It doesn’t really matter how old you are, you should create the look, you want to have. Indeed, your hairstyle can tell more about you, as it is the most important part of your image. Jane Fonda’s signature hairstyles are quite inspiring for mature women. She has tried many looks, but we have rounded up with some of our favorites hairstyles. Go on reading and find your next ‘do among these looks.

Short Layered Hairstyle

This is the signature haircut of Jane Fonda. The lovely hairstyle is created on her short crop. Indeed, it looks amazing on her. Teased at the roots method provides with enough volume and movement. The look is possible to enhance with structurally placed hair highlights. If you have thin hair, this style is just a fabulous option for you, plus it requires less upkeep.Short Layered HairstyleTextured Locks

Jane Fonda shines in her lovely shag haircut. Jane’s thick hair hold its shape while showing off the amazing texture and volume of strands. The style is just a great option for mature women. If you are invited to a special occasion and you don’t know what hairstyle to pull off, this headdress is the best way to go ahead with. Achieve the look by using your blow-dryer.Textured LocksCurly Shaggy Haircut

This breathtaking hairstyle is the next on our list. Her locks are styled in amazing curls that fall down the face while others remained flicked out. The curls and side bangs are perfectly paired together to create a sophisticated look.

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