Celebrities’ Innovative Ponytail Hairstyles

This forever classy and elegant hairstyle is great for every life event. As seen on many celebs and ordinary ladies surrounding you, pony is one of the most versatile looks of all time. It can be high, medium or low. It can be messy or sleek too. If you are looking up to Hollywood-approved ponytail hairstyles, here are the best celebrities that demonstrate the modern versions of ponies. Read forward to find the right amount of inspiration.  

High Sleek Ponytail

Zoe Saldana’s high sleek ponytail entails a rope braid which has been created by twisting two sections of hair together. The craziest thing about rope ponytails, is that they always look complicated, while you can create them within minutes. Before twisting your strands, you will need to pull your hair up in a high pony and then go on with the rope. Indeed, it is an amazing design.High Sleek PonytailLong Textured Ponytail

The queen of pixies, Halle Berry, demonstrates a cool ponytail that is secured at the nape of her neck. You can also see a hair section wrapped around the base of pony to allow the waves and body steal the show. You don’t have to freak out about it even if you have short hair. Clip some hair extensions and then tease them to get enough texture and body. Indeed, a middle part would look great with the pony.Long Textured PonytailMessy Ponytail

Kate Middleton knows how to impress us with her elegant and feminine styles. Her ponytail features slightly curled tips and messy strands that provide with enough volume at the crown.

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