Stunning Wavy Hairstyle Ideas 2018

Wavy hairstyle ideas 2018 category involves everything from lovely boho waves to chic finger waves. Wavy bob hairstyles with textured ends are effortless option for summer, while long beach waves can be worn in any season of the year. Wavy hairstyles can perfectly embrace braided patterns or be adorned with cute hair pieces. Luckily wavy hairstyles can be worn both casually and formally. Waves also provide with stunning look when styled in updos.

Crimped Hairstyles are Officially Back in 2018

80’s fashion is taking over the catwalks, whether you are glad about it or not but today we will bring 80’s crimped hairstyles back. Blow the dust from your crimper and make it one of your most used hair tools again. If you think that you are going to have an outdated look with crimped hair, you are mistaken. We are going to prove that crimped ‘dos can be super versatile. It is not necessary to go for full head of crimps, you can keep it simple even with several crimped fringes. However, read forward to discover the most fascinating crimped hairstyles of 2018 that are officially back. 

Hottest Bang Hairstyles by Celebs

There is no special time for rocking bang hairstyles. Bangs are always the easiest way to update your look and create a whole new image. Bangs come in numerous shapes and shades. Fringes are being created according to your face shape. Luckily, there are bang styles for everyone. Need some fringe-inspo? Here are celebs with hottest bang styles. Read forward to know how they work and who can experiment with the bang styles. Let’s hope you will find your next hairstyle inspiration among these gorgeous celebrities.

Boho Chic Hairstyles to Wear in 2018

Boho girls, we call for your attention since we have compiled boho chic hairstyles for 2018. Boho hairstyles are all about effortless braids, lovely waves and catchy hair accessories. You can sport the following hairdos at music festivals or anywhere you want. For a striking boho style, you may switch up your hair color as well. Indeed, pastels are great to make you boho image full. If you have never tried boho headdress, read on to see the latest Bohemian hairstyles.

Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair in 2018

Braids, loose locks and different updos still make a great option for women with long and thin hair. Well, having thin hair is neither rare thing nor something unusual, but you should know how to represent your locks in the best way. There are limitless hairstyles that are just fabulous for long thin hair. Consider using bouffant, waves, hair highlights and everything that tends to boost your volume and texture. These patterns are the key to make your locks appear thicker. Below we have listed some hairstyles for long thin hair in 2018. If you have the same texture, use these hairstyles for your own benefit.

Popular Haircuts by L.A. Salons of 2018

L.A. is the center of numerous popular hair salons that dictate the trends of upcoming season. According to L.A. hairstylists messy lob and air-dried waves are the winning cuts right now. It is a daring crop that surely is a strong statement. L.A. hairstylists admit that day by day they give more and more clients short and bouncy waves. Since short trims are the most requested ones, it is the highest moment, to try out one of the looks. If you want to know more, read on our article dedicated to the most popular haircuts and hairstyles by L.A.’s salon for 2018.

“Sci-Fi” Bob Hairstyles for 2018

Recently we have seen lots of celebrities debuting the same blunt bobs. Somehow it seems odd because being unique is the key to maintain status. So how it happened that celebs decided to rock the same crop? The answer is that this cut is truly fascinating and it tempts all celebs and non-celebs to pull off the look. “Sci-Fi” bobs feel quite sharp and strong. They are often being paired with short bangs. Go on reading to see the most popular Sci-Fi bob hairstyles for 2018.

Hairstyle Ideas for Women with Long Faces in 2018

Your face shape is the best guide to a new crop. You should always consider your facial features before going for any cut. A good hairstyle and haircut tends to bring out the best of your features while camouflaging your flaws. Today we have dedicated our article to women with long faces. Having a long face is not a big deal. Many Hollywood stars have long faces but with the right hairstyle they always look attractive. 2018 hairstyle ideas for women with long faces tend to make the face rounder. Read on to find your style!

Inspiring Hairstyles from Catwalk Shows for 2018

How you can get informed about the latest hair trends? Of course, by checking out the latest Haute Couture shows. Catwalks are full of with numerous inspiring tools. Fortunately, you don’t have to hang around the internet to find your favorite hairstyle option because we have done our research and put together inspiring hairstyles from catwalk shows for 2018. Indeed, different fashion houses prefer different hairstyles, so you have really something to choose from. Luckily, these runway hairstyles are effortless yet ultra-sexy.

Romantic Hairstyles to Wear on First Date

You are dated and you don’t know what kind of hairstyle to pull off? We are here to help. These romantic hairstyles for first date will not only boost your confidence but also provide you with ethereal beauty. Well, when it comes to first date hairstyles, you should be willing to spend some time on styling. However, even if you are not in complicated or time-consuming hairdos, consider using hair accessories. An addition of a lovely headpiece will take your look a notch higher. Read forward for the best and trendiest ideas.

Quick and Easy Hairstyle Ideas by Celebrities

Whether you are planning to spend your day on the beach, or you are going to an evening party, these quick and easy hairstyle ideas by celebrities will come in handy to make your image fuller. The best thing about these hairdos is that they can carry you from beach to romantic dinner. The following easy-to-do hairstyles are meant to keep your hair out of your face while boosting your self-confidence. Read forward and explore the greatest option for you, although you can try all of them to have an idea which one complements your facial features most.