Luscious Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas 2018

Everyone loves ponytails but not everyone knows how versatile these hairstyles can be. The category of luscious ponytail hairstyle ideas 2018 involves everything you would love to know about the latest ponytail. Ponytails allow you to look cute and girly. No wonder, celebrities are also in love with ponytails. Modern version of these hairstyles uses twists, braids, hair accessories and other elements. The best thing is that everyone can rock a ponytail regardless of hair length and texture.

Celebrity Hairstyles that Are Perfect for Your Big Day

When it comes to a wedding hairstyle, it requires as much attention as the dress. Without a right hairstyle, your bridal look can never be complete. Finding an excellent wedding headdress is quite challenging. Create your own version of a fairy tale wedding hairstyle using these celebrities’ hairstyles as an ultimate source of inspiration. Some females think that if they have short hair, the options are limited but take example from celebs with short hair that always leave us with hair envy. If you have got long hair, you are lucky, as you can try literally whatever you want- from complicated updos to braids and so on.

Crimped Hairstyles are Officially Back in 2018

80’s fashion is taking over the catwalks, whether you are glad about it or not but today we will bring 80’s crimped hairstyles back. Blow the dust from your crimper and make it one of your most used hair tools again. If you think that you are going to have an outdated look with crimped hair, you are mistaken. We are going to prove that crimped ‘dos can be super versatile. It is not necessary to go for full head of crimps, you can keep it simple even with several crimped fringes. However, read forward to discover the most fascinating crimped hairstyles of 2018 that are officially back. 

Boho Chic Hairstyles to Wear in 2018

Boho girls, we call for your attention since we have compiled boho chic hairstyles for 2018. Boho hairstyles are all about effortless braids, lovely waves and catchy hair accessories. You can sport the following hairdos at music festivals or anywhere you want. For a striking boho style, you may switch up your hair color as well. Indeed, pastels are great to make you boho image full. If you have never tried boho headdress, read on to see the latest Bohemian hairstyles.

Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair in 2018

Braids, loose locks and different updos still make a great option for women with long and thin hair. Well, having thin hair is neither rare thing nor something unusual, but you should know how to represent your locks in the best way. There are limitless hairstyles that are just fabulous for long thin hair. Consider using bouffant, waves, hair highlights and everything that tends to boost your volume and texture. These patterns are the key to make your locks appear thicker. Below we have listed some hairstyles for long thin hair in 2018. If you have the same texture, use these hairstyles for your own benefit.

Gorgeous Jessica Alba’s Remarkable Hairstyles

Jessica Alba is one of the most popular brunettes in Hollywood. She has undergone through many hairstyle transformation. Undoubtedly, we love her blonde and red strands, but nothing complements her face more than brunette shades. We have seen her with gorgeous updos, brushed out waves, curly bobs and many other headdresses. If you want to see the most prominent hairstyles of Jessica Alba, keep reading. I am sure, she will inspire you to change up your entire look.

Stylish Hairstyle Ideas by Popular Celebrities

It is the highest moment to think out of the box and sport some stylish hairdos. If you think outside of the topknot, then these hairstyle ideas by celebrities are for you. These easy yet feminine headdress have that power to carry you thorough every possible outdoor- from barbecue to wedding party. Any female with minimal styling abilities will not have troubles while creating these stunning hairdos. Even though celebrities work with tons of stylists, you can also have an iconic look without Hollywood stylists. Just trust us and check out these amazing pictures.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Hairstyles to Try in 2018

Popular top model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a worldwide known top model, who has managed to grab many hearts. Well, the concept “bad hair day” is not for her. She always looks amazing and leaves us with hair envy. However, the model assures that she doesn’t have much time for styling her tresses as she travels a lot. Perhaps her hair looks so healthy and fresh due to the hairstylists that she gets to work. She has had so many hair moments that it is tough to pick something. Read on to see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s best hairstyles for 2018 that we have compiled for you.

Braided Ponytail Hairstyles to Try in 2018

Ponytail is an excellent hairstyle for any occasion. The choice of pony is up to you but you can update it with complicated patterns, such as twists and braids. Thing that we love about ponytail is its brilliance in versatility. The most popular braided ponytails use Dutch braid, fishtail braid, French braid or three-strand braid. Anyone with minimal braiding skills can achieve a perfect braided-pony. If you are bored with simple low, medium or high ponytails, consider these braided ponytail hairstyles for 2018.

Instagram Approved Hairstyle Ideas for 2018

If you need some inspiration for your next hairstyle makeover, use Instagram as an ultimate source of inspiration. But today you don’t have to dig Instagram as we have done our own research to find the trendiest and most eye-catching hairstyles for you. No wonder, the latest trends pop up on Instagram first. The most popular hairstylist put lots of effort to provide their clients with the best hair looks. These Instagram-Approved hairstyle ideas for 2018 have been picked from the accounts of the best hairstylists around the world. Go on reading and discover more!

Best Hairstyle Moments of the Week

It is not a secret that celebrities pop up with a new hairstyle and hair color quite often. We don’t manage to digest their new styles and they debut a brand-new look that is no less catchy than the previous one. We all know that the celebrities have a huge group of stylists behind them that provide with the coolest looks ever. Luckily most of celeb’s hairstyles and hair colors are affordable. Today, we have rounded up with the best hairstyles moments of the week. We don’t guarantee that tomorrow or next week, you will see them with the same hairstyles but these are the looks that got our attention this week.