Hottest Hair Color Ideas 2018

Perhaps changing up a hair color is the best way to enhance your look. A new hair color may fantastically update your entire appearance. In this category we have included the hottest hair color ideas 2018 to give you numerous ideas on how you can play up with your natural hair shade and create a new look. Be that brown, blonde, red or rainbow pastels, consider applying it through the recent hair color techniques. Here you will find various hair colors that flatter your skin tone and eye color. Good luck with your new stunning hair shade.

Sophisticated Purple Hair Colors for 2018

Pastels are so in trend right now. What can be more feminine and flattering from pastels than sophisticated lavender, lilac or purple shades. If you are thinking of jumping on purple wagon, these amazing purple hair colors for 2018 are coming for you. This article is created to help you choose the best shade of purple, appropriate to your complexion. This awesome yet daring color palette complements numerous skin tones and eye colors. Women with warmer skin should consider magenta tones while those with cool skin look great with lavender and violet shades. Here are the best pictures to inspire you.

Katy Perry’s Changing Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Katy Perry is known to be not only a popular singer but also a fashion icon that goes for hair transformations quite often. She has already rocked the brightest hair colors and craziest haircuts. However, we still wait to see something different. She knows how to leave her fans with hair envy. Fashion critics love to discuss her hair looks, while hairstylist get inspired from them. Today we have decided to compile the brightest hairstyle and hair color ideas by Katy Perry. If you don’t know what hairstyle to ask for your next appointment, these photos may be quite helpful.

Modern hairstyles with Caramel Highlights in 2018

Caramel is one of those sophisticated hues that can be used to create masterpieces. Whether you believe or not, but this shade works on everyone, regardless of natural texture, and skin tone. A warm caramel tends to emphasize your appearance in the best way. The greatest thing about this shade is that it can be customized for every hair color. Feel free to place light or dark caramel highlights either on your existing hair color. Both the colorists and clients love caramel because of being so flexible. Read forward to see some modern hairstyles with caramel highlights in 2018.

Hot Redhead Celebrities in Hollywood

If you have always dreamed to become a redhead but you have lack of inspiration, these hot redhead celebrities in Hollywood will definitely provide you with your desired dose of inspiration. However, even if you are already a redhead, you can use these shades to update your current hair color. Red is a versatile shade so it has various sub-tones that complement an array of skin tones. Regardless of your natural texture and complexion, you may adopt one of these remarkable shades to make a bold statement.

Pink Hair Color Is The Hottest Trend of Celebs

Pink is the color of the season and everyone is getting tempted by it. Fortunately, when it comes to changing hair color, celebrities’ hair transformations are always inspiring. Variety shades of pink became a popular choice for celebrities, beauty bloggers and trendsetters. Check out these celebrities with the hottest pink hair color trends and choose something for you. Keep in your mind that these celebrities and beauty bloggers have already managed to turn many heads. You also can do that!

Modern Takes on Burgundy Hair Color for 2018

Burgundy hair color looks amazing on all textures, and skin tones- literally everyone can experiment with the shade. Burgundy is super adorable tone plus it can be paired with other shades, such as blonde and brown. Apart from it, burgundy can be used as hair highlights to add some rich movement throughout your mane. Here are the modern takes on burgundy hair color for 2018, that you should save for your next hair color makeover. Pass through our article and find your favorite picture of burgundy hair color.

Incredible Dirty Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

Dirty Blonde is an enticing hue that includes both lighter sub-shades and darker ones. Dirty blonde is a medium tone that complements an array of skin tones. Indeed, you can never go wrong with a sophisticated shade like this. Here are the most inspiring dirty blonde hair colors for 2018. These tones will definitely brighten up not only your appearance, but also your day. Pass through our article and find your own shade of dirty blonde. If you are ready, let’s start without wasting even a second.

Stunning Chocolate Brown Hair Colors in 2018

Chocolate brown is the most popular shade among brunettes. The name itself speaks about having a sweet hair color like chocolate. However, it is not always easy to choose a right shade when it comes to chocolate brown hair. Like any other shade, chocolate brown is also diverse. Luckily, there is a hue for everyone, regardless of complexion and hair length. Hence, chocolate brown is a fabulous shade for upgrading your current brunette hair too. Check out these stunning chocolate brown hair colors for 2018 and get your desired sweet shade.

Incredible Burgundy Hair Colors for 2018

Want to have a red tone on your strands? Burgundy hair color is what you need to achieve your desired effect. Burgundy is a deeper shade of red that makes a great option for brunettes who are going to rock it for the first time. However, burgundy is also a great shade for redheads who want to update their existing hair color. Regardless of your natural hair color you may opt for one of these incredible burgundy hair colors for 2018 and find your favorite style of rocking the shade. 

Striking Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2018

There is a growing tendency of wearing mermaid hair. Well, every woman wants to channel her inner Ariel. Getting mermaid hair will not only make you popular but also boost your confidence. Indeed, going for mermaid hair is a big commitment but if you are ready to jump on the train and pull off bight pastels these striking mermaid hair colors for 2018 are great for you. Just make sure to get the look at the best hair salons plus don’t forget to ask your hair colorist for color treatments. It is the best way to make your color last a little bit longer.