Hottest Hair Color Ideas 2018

Perhaps changing up a hair color is the best way to enhance your look. A new hair color may fantastically update your entire appearance. In this category we have included the hottest hair color ideas 2018 to give you numerous ideas on how you can play up with your natural hair shade and create a new look. Be that brown, blonde, red or rainbow pastels, consider applying it through the recent hair color techniques. Here you will find various hair colors that flatter your skin tone and eye color. Good luck with your new stunning hair shade.

Hottest Haircuts and Hairstyles of 2018

Below we have created a gallery of hottest haircuts and hairstyles of 2018. While choosing a right hairstyle or haircut, first you will need to take into consideration your face shape. A new haircut should camouflage your flaws and bring out the best of your features. Regardless of whether you are looking for a long or short haircut ideas, take your time to check these pictures as you may find interesting coloristic solutions too. Click on the button “read more” to see the images that we have selected for you.haircuts of 2018Braided Hairstyles 

Talking about the trendiest and hottest hairstyles of the season, we can’t forget about braided hairstyles. They are so in mainstream. Different kinds of braids create the most impressive hairstyles ever. One of the best options you can see below. It is a half up half down hairdo, that is created with twists and braids. The type of the braid is fishtail, but you may use other braids, such as French and Dutch braids too. 

Subtle Purple Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

Today we rounded up purple balayage hair colors for 2018. This shade is associated with boldness but it still looks ultra-feminine and catchy. There are so many ways to pull off the shades. Be that balayage highlights, or ombre patterns you are going to stand out. It is a vivid shade, but you have a chance to personalize it to your own taste. Go on reading and explore the coolest hair color ideas.  balayage purple hair colorsPastel Purple Balayage

Not always purple hair colors, need to be bold and catchy. The following purple is girly and it leads towards the pastel fuchsia shade. These tones add a feminine touch to your style. However, the roots are maintained, while the edgy pastel is applied towards the tips to create an ombre hair color. Some strands are pulled high for a braided bun.

Short Ombré Hairstyles for 2018

2018’s biggest trends are already announced and one of them falls somewhere in between ombré and short locks. The combination of these two different trends provides with a look that is simply mind-blowing. No wonder, short hair and ombré combination is known to be celebs’ favorite as well. It’s not a secret that both short hairstyles and ombré patterns are pretty much versatile, so you do really have something to think of before going for any style. Below you will find the trendiest short ombré hairstyles for 2018. Move on, find more.short hairstyles for ombreShort Wavy Hair and Ombré

The most popular version of short ombré is blonde and brown combination. These two natural tones work for everyone. You have a chance to go either light or dark. Here is a short wavy bob spiced up with dark roots and light tips. Dark brown base transitions into light blonde, brightening up the entire look. It’s a great ombré pattern to accessorize your short beach waves.

Purple Hair Highlights for 2018

Hair highlights are great for everyone, regardless of texture and complexion. You should use the tone of highlights according to your hair color. Hair highlights add extra dimension and movement throughout the strands. When you don’t want to cut off your locks, but you want to update your haircut, go ahead with hair highlights. Here are purple hair highlights for 2018. Get ready to add extra touch of boldness to your look with these highlights.Purple Hair Highlights for 2018Purple in the Black

Why to go for a single tone when you can mix several shades and create a multidimensional hair color. Rock blonde and purple brown tones. It is a bold style that will make you stand out in the crowd. However, the technique of applying shades is important. This artistic hairstyle is all about dying your strands section by section. Get it and you will not regret.

Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair in 2018

Long blonde hair has always been associated with subtleness and femininity. This light shade of strands grabs too much attention. Long blonde hair with braids and luxurious curls create a sophisticated look that is just irresistible. Top knots, downdos, curls and ponytails are in the top of hairstyle trends. It goes without saying that any of them is going to look great on blonde hair. Here I have put together some hairstyles for long blonde hair in 2018. Keep on reading and explore the best.Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair in 2018Balayage Blonde and Layers

Want to stand out? Well, here is a style that will definitely make you stand out. It features, blonde hair color and layered tresses that are styled in curls. Both these curls and layers work well together. Indeed, you will want to bleach your hair to the highest level, to achieve this look. It is a light shade and requires bleaching. Finish it with a center parting.

Blonde Highlights for All Hair Colors

Want to have the sun throughout your locks? Blonde highlights are for you. Regardless of your natural hair, you can freely pull off the highlights as they work with every shade. Subtle blonde shades or chunky blonde highlights and lowlights are used to create various hair looks. Blonde highlights also allow you to add some depth and dimension throughout your tresses. However, go on reading and find the best version of blonde highlights to enhance your existing hair color.

Celebrities Recent Hair Colors for 2018

It is always great to see celebrities’ hair transformations. Apart from being the biggest source of inspiration, they also give you a basic idea on what kind of look you will have when you go from brown to blonde and the opposite. Have a look at celebrities ‘recent hair colors for 2018 and find your best inspiration among these gorgeous models, actresses and singers. As soon as you notice that you have the same complexion as they don’t hesitate to adopt the one of the best looks. If you are ready let’s start.

Ultra-Feminine Reddish Brown Hair Colors for 2018

Reddish brown hair color offers a wide range of hair looks for those who can’t commit between red and brown tones. Here we have gathered the hottest reddish brown hair colors for 2018 that look remarkable on everyone. The best thing about wearing red with brown is that red looks quite natural with brown, so if you are fond of natural-looking hair colors, this is the shade to go ahead with. There are numerous reddish brown tones in the palette, the hardest thing is to choose something that works on your complexion and gives extra pop to your eyes.

Sophisticated Blonde Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

Blonde balayage hair colors work for everyone who wants to give her strands a natural-looking appearance. The best thing about it is that blonde balayage always provides with a unique look, particularly when you decide to combine it with brown tones. You may ask your hair colorist to use freehand painting technique to give your tresses a stunning ombre or somber. However, you will still need to choose a right color combination to flatter your skin tone. Look through these luscious blonde balayage hair colors for 2018 to find your own style.

Brunette Hair Colors by Celebs

Today’s post is dedicated to brunette hair colors by celebs. Like always celebrities pop up with the latest trends and leave us with some hair envy. The beauty of brown hair is unbelievably stunning. You can go from espresso to honey brown or pull off glossy golden brown tones. These incredible brown hair colors will inspire you for your next hair color appointment. I assure you that the following brown tones will convince you that brunettes also can have as much fun as blondes. If you are ready let’s start.