Croissant Bun Hairstyles for 2018

While creating a brand-new hairstyle, it is normal to draw your attention from your favorite celebrity or top model, but whether it is normal to get inspired from food? What is going to look like a hairstyle created in the shape of food? Well, meet the latest trend- croissant bun hairstyles for 2018. Even your favorite top models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been spotted with these updos. Indeed, these up-styles have as delicious look as croissants. So, get ready to see croissant-shaped updos hitting every wedding and red-carpet this season.

Croissant Bun By Channel

The following bun created by Channel hairstylists is just flawless. It is a retro inspired updo that perfectly falls at the neck with a straight center parting. The huge bun is not easy to carry but it will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. This udpo is quite elegant, so you need to be attentive while choosing outfit. It is a great idea for special events.Croissant Bun By ChannelGigi Hadid Croissant Bun

Gigi Hadid masters the croissant bun and looks striking with it. The key to the following bun is the highlights throughout the strands. The model has her hair fixed into a sharp middle parting and then pulled back and styled into a bulky bun. It is a croissant-shaped bun that sits on the nape of the neck. It is a style that you can never go wrong.Gigi Hadid Croissant bunBella Hadid Croissant Bun

Bella Hadid debuts the same croissant bun in a raven black shade. Her strands look quite shiny and healthy. Neatly drawn center parting grabs attention and makes one of the most important elements of the updo.

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