Unique Instagram-Inspired Braided Hairstyles

Nowadays, braids are widely popular, particularly on Instagram. If you scroll down your Instagram page you will meet numerous beauty bloggers that create unique braided hairstyles on their client’s head. Who would think that braids may look like a real masterpiece donned on one’s head. So, today we have decided to select unique Instagram-inspired braided hairstyles and provide you with some new ideas on how you can create new styles with the help of braids.braided hairstylesFive-Strand Braid

Indeed, it is not a simple hairstyle to achieve, but is just breathtaking. For a hairstyle like this, it is worth to watch some tutorials and master five-strand braid. Well, the strands are center parted and then weaved in two different five-strand braids. Then the plaits have been connected and tied in a simple updo that sets on the nape of the neck.

Five-Strand BraidFishtail Crown Braid

Call it crown braid, milkmaid or halo braid, but the beauty of the braid is unchangeable. This easy to do braid has always made others think that it is a complicated style. Well, the key to this look is a fishtail plait. The braid starts from one side and reaches to another, providing with a crown like design. Blonde hair color is also a great way to enhance the hairstyle.Fishtail Crown Braid60’s Inspired Updo with Modern Twist

This throwback hairstyle will provide with all those 60’s vibes. It is always good to see the modern versions of old hairstyles. The updo has been achieved with bouffant and a braid that creates a headband like look.

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