Swoon-Worthy French Braid Ponytails

French braids are in mainstream like nothing else. Hairstylists use their imagination to create unique hairstyles using mini and bulky French braids. These braids look twice cooler when paired with ponytails. Here I have rounded up swoon-worthy French braid ponytails, to inspire you for a more feminine and trendy hairstyle option. If you are ready, just move on and check the pictures below.braided ponytail hairstylesSoft Ponytail and Chunky Braid

A regular French braid into a ponytail creates a head-spinner look. It provides lots of volume and dimension. To achieve the style, you will need to spray some texturizing hair spray and then tease the back of your ponytail. Keep the braid low for the best effect. The flowing locks will create a full style and provide with a fun look. Get it for yourself and rock it everywhere.

Soft Ponytail and Chunky BraidTriple French Braid

Inspiring pictures like this always catch the eye. The following style is spiced up with 70’s vibes. To get it, braid three individual sections pull them back and tie with the rest of hair in a ponytail hairstyle. Don’t forget to tease your locks on the back. Finish the look by leaving some tendrils out of the braid. Keep in your mind, the messier, the better.Triple French BraidBraided Glamorous Hairstyle

Channel your glamorous girl, with undone cornrows. The cornrows bring out the beauty of two different tones throughout the locks. French braids tend to add some height on top. Tie your locks in a high ponytail and use several sections to twist over the base. The design is neither too sleek nor too polished. Use your curling iron to add some waves to the tail.Triple French BraidHigh Ponytail Single French Braid

Here is a casual and formal hairstyle that is achieved on longer tresses. If you have an intention to display your incredible hair length, this ponytail is for you. Well, all you need to do, is to create a single French braid and then mix it with the rest of strands and tie everything in a high ponytail. Don’t forget to camouflage the base with your hair own tresses.High Ponytail Single French BraidMessy Ponytail with Braids

This pony is for those who want to create a Barbie doll-like look. The ponytail is pretty messed up and paired with different braids. The entire look reminds of a boho inspired styles. However, instead of going for a regular French braid, we recommend thinking out of the box and try double French braids that are thin and thick. The result happens to be a mind-blowing hairstyle.Messy Ponytail with Braids