Hairstyles for Long Natural Hair

Many Afro-American women with a good natural texture prefer wearing their locks in more relaxed styles. Indeed, relaxed ‘dos are in mainstream. But one of the main reasons why women prefer wearing relaxed ‘dos is that that allows them to avoid of damaging chemicals. Luckily, there are so many hairdos that you can wear and showcase your incredible texture. Here are included the best hairstyles for long natural hair. If you have it, adopt one of these looks and keep your unruly mane under control.Hairstyles for Long Natural HairTwo Peaks Updo

There is no more eccentric hairstyle rather than this one. It looks great on black kinky mane. The following updo is something to remember. With a unique hairstyle like this you will grab public’s attention. It is all about two asymmetric buns that are placed on the top of the head. If you are up to a hairstyle that will not only tame your mane but also take your strands out of your face, it is a way to go.

Two Peaks UpdoBox Braids Ponytail

Box braids are quite popular among black women. The advantage of wearing box braids is that you may rock many other hairstyles. Box braids are impressive in updos and downdos. This ponytail is the best proof of my words. It is achieved by box braiding and pulling them in a ponytail style. Actually, it is not as complicated as it may look.Box Braids PonytailVoluminous Hairstyle

And why you need to hide your texture, when it may provide you with a sophisticated hair look. This lion mane will make you stand out in the crowd. Most of Afro women are blessed with this texture, so instead of trying to hide it, you may always show it off. For a more charming look, just sweep your hair to the side and you are done.Voluminous HairstyleHeadband Braid and Curls

Looking for a way to bring out your curls? This style is for you. The following headdress will keep your hair out of your face while showing off your natural curls. It features a headband braid that sweeps the strands away. The headband is possible to create using your own hair. It is a style to wear both casually and formally. Consider getting it!Curly Ponytail

Indeed, ponytails look twice better on textured locks. One of the best examples is show below. The textured curls add some more charm to the look. Note that the crown part is smooth while the rest of strands is textured. It is another incredible way to tame your unruly mane. Get it and leave people with some hair envy.Curly Ponytail