Casual Messy Halo Braids Hairstyles

Halo braids are so practical nowadays. The thing that females love about these styles, is that they are easy to achieve, they look beautiful and they keep the strands out of the face. Halo braids can be created either polished or messy. Luckily, both styles are affordable and can be done easily. Go on reading and discover your favorite messy halo braids hairstyles newly.halo braids hairstylesWrapping Fishtail Braid

Bohemian braids are all in rage. Everyone loves these effortless, girly and sexy styles. Here is a great example of boho chic. It is a bohemian halo braid that is created in a messy pattern. Actually, the style is not as complicated as it seems. That’s all about fishtail braids that are twisted over the headband. It is an easy-to-do style that requires less than five minutes to achieve.

twisted braidsFloral Halo Braid

This style is also quite messy but you can rock it formally too. It is a striking option for all bridesmaids out there. A simple accessory such as flower may turn your casual style into formal one. If you have a little bit braiding skills, you may achieve the look by yourself as well. All you need to do is to create braids and then secure them in a halo braid. Don’t forget to mess things up.Floral Halo BraidBraid and Highlights

Whether you believe or not but wearing a crown braid is the easiest thing ever. Here is a royal inspired look that is so impressive because of a thick braid that is twisted over the head.

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