Best Hairstyle Moments of the Week

It is not a secret that celebrities pop up with a new hairstyle and hair color quite often. We don’t manage to digest their new styles and they debut a brand-new look that is no less catchy than the previous one. We all know that the celebrities have a huge group of stylists behind them that provide with the coolest looks ever. Luckily most of celeb’s hairstyles and hair colors are affordable. Today, we have rounded up with the best hairstyles moments of the week. We don’t guarantee that tomorrow or next week, you will see them with the same hairstyles but these are the looks that got our attention this week.

Katie Holmes Ponytail Hairstyle

This week Katie Holmes embraced a heatwave inspired glamour with a strong hold elastic. Indeed, it is a chic headdress to pull off for a street style. Obviously, it is one of those effortless hair looks that can be worn by every young to adult female. Before you will pull your hair up to a chic pony, curly your strands with curling iron.ponytailBella Hadid Bob Hairstyle

Bella Hadid’s bob hairstyle has been the matter of discussion whole week. She has managed to stun everyone on 2017 CFDA. She took her bob a step higher with added bangs. Indeed, her blunt bob works quite well with her pink outfit. This CFDA-worthy look will stay in our memories for a long time. Bella Hadid knows how to impress everyone.bella hadid bobKristen Stewart Pixie Haircut

Kristen Stewart is on her way of growing out her buzz haircut. Recently she stepped up with a brand-new variation of her buzz cut that is now a little bit longer.

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