Short Ombré Hairstyles for 2018

2018’s biggest trends are already announced and one of them falls somewhere in between ombré and short locks. The combination of these two different trends provides with a look that is simply mind-blowing. No wonder, short hair and ombré combination is known to be celebs’ favorite as well. It’s not a secret that both short hairstyles and ombré patterns are pretty much versatile, so you do really have something to think of before going for any style. Below you will find the trendiest short ombré hairstyles for 2018. Move on, find more.short hairstyles for ombreShort Wavy Hair and Ombré

The most popular version of short ombré is blonde and brown combination. These two natural tones work for everyone. You have a chance to go either light or dark. Here is a short wavy bob spiced up with dark roots and light tips. Dark brown base transitions into light blonde, brightening up the entire look. It’s a great ombré pattern to accessorize your short beach waves.

blonde ombreDark Ombré and Short Hair

The ideas of ombré and short hair are countless. You have plenty of options to choose from. However, the following look is just the best for all brunettes out there. If you are not into light shades, keep things dark and still catchy. Take cue from this look, it requires transitioning from darker brown to a little bit lighter one. The ombré is totally out of harsh lines.Dark Ombré and Short HairOmbré for Pixie Haircut

Luckily, ombré is affordable and it can be adopted by everyone- regardless of hair length, texture and complexion. We have included an ombré for super short hair as well. The pixie gets a whole look in two different shades.

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