Kate Middleton’s Best Hairstyle Moments

Indeed, Kate Middleton’s lob is the hottest hairstyle of the season, but we can’t forget how she delivers mind-blowing hair every damn day of her luxurious life. Kate rocks literally everything -from ultra-feminine blowouts to gorgeous buns. The princess can be spotted with hats quite often. It is the best accessory that elongates her neck while enhancing her entire look. While princess is looking for new hairstyles, we can steal some of a real royal’s look. Scroll down to see Kate Middleton’s best hairstyle moments.

Layered Wavy Bob

Recently Kate surprised us with seriously shorter locks. Her long bob has gone viral all over social media and everyone wanted to steal the style. No doubt the haircut is amazing and so styling. In case if you want to re-create the look, consider using tow-inch wand to curl your hair away from your face. This iconic hairstyle by Kate Middleton can be rocked everywhere. Don’t forget that it is a royal-inspired look.layered curly bobBlowout with Soft Curls

Do we need to explain why blowout is Kate’s signature hairstyle? Most of time the princess has been spotted with this ridiculously simple yet gorgeous hairstyle. To get it, dry your hair in sections, pull your hair taunt and place in rollers to get extra texture. Be sure to twist the roller as you take them out. That will provide with a “bouncy” effect.Blowout with Soft CurlsHalf up Half down

Kate wears her hair in an effortless half up half down hairstyle. This is the quickest and chicest half updo ever attempted.

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