Hottest Haircuts and Hairstyles of 2018

Below we have created a gallery of hottest haircuts and hairstyles of 2018. While choosing a right hairstyle or haircut, first you will need to take into consideration your face shape. A new haircut should camouflage your flaws and bring out the best of your features. Regardless of whether you are looking for a long or short haircut ideas, take your time to check these pictures as you may find interesting coloristic solutions too. Click on the button “read more” to see the images that we have selected for you.haircuts of 2018Braided Hairstyles 

Talking about the trendiest and hottest hairstyles of the season, we can’t forget about braided hairstyles. They are so in mainstream. Different kinds of braids create the most impressive hairstyles ever. One of the best options you can see below. It is a half up half down hairdo, that is created with twists and braids. The type of the braid is fishtail, but you may use other braids, such as French and Dutch braids too. 

Braided Hairstyles Auburn Bob Hairstyle 

Every pattern of this style helps to create a full look- be that a color, cut or styling. First thing that grabs attention is the deep and spicy auburn hair color. It adds some edge to the look while making it even more sexy. However, the color wouldn’t look so striking without a right haircut. Ask your hairstylist for a razor cut shoulder length bob, and then spice it up with a deep auburn hair color. Auburn Bob Hairstyle Long Waves and Blonde Highlights 

Long waves are totally in trend. Waves will never allow your strands look plain or dull. A good coloristic solution tend to enhance the waves making them more charming. You can get the waves with or without curling tools. When it comes to color, you will need to ask your hair colorist for blonde highlights. The highlights are key to this fabulous look. However, they should be placed according to your hair color. Long Waves and Blonde Highlights Pretty In Peach

Another trend that doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, is pastels. Hairstylists continue providing with marvelous hair looks combining pastels and different length haircuts. This style features a lovely peach hair color and long messy waves. Peachy tones complement warm skin tone but that doesn’t mean that women with other complexions can’t style. Indeed, the color choice is up to you, but this peachy tone is the most popular one. Pretty In PeachDark Brunette Medium Length Hair 

These strands are given life and moment with a warmer toner for a new hair color. This solid shade is paired with medium-length tresses. As for styling, the strands are swept to the side. Simple, effortless, sexy- these are the words that define this look. Dark Brunette Medium Length Hair