Hottest Haircuts and Hairstyles of 2018

Below we have created a gallery of hottest haircuts and hairstyles of 2018. While choosing a right hairstyle or haircut, first you will need to take into consideration your face shape. A new haircut should camouflage your flaws and bring out the best of your features. Regardless of whether you are looking for a long or short haircut ideas, take your time to check these pictures as you may find interesting coloristic solutions too. Click on the button “read more” to see the images that we have selected for you.haircuts of 2018Braided Hairstyles 

Talking about the trendiest and hottest hairstyles of the season, we can’t forget about braided hairstyles. They are so in mainstream. Different kinds of braids create the most impressive hairstyles ever. One of the best options you can see below. It is a half up half down hairdo, that is created with twists and braids. The type of the braid is fishtail, but you may use other braids, such as French and Dutch braids too. 

Men’s Trendy Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2018

A haircut defines one’s nature and features. This is one of the most important reasons why you need to choose a right haircut for yourself. It is important both for men and women. Here are men’s trendy haircuts and hairstyles for 2018. As far as you can see men’s hair fashion is also evolving and keeping with it is not an easy task. It doesn’t really matter, you prefer wearing statement hairstyles or simple things, just read to see what is in hairstyles Crop Haircut and Choppy Fringe

This crop is for trendsetters that love to dictate fashion rules. Anyone wearing a crop like this will inspire others to copy. It features textured and messed up fringe and shortly trimmed sides. Obviously, short sides draw attention to the crown part. Apart from styling, you may also grow your facial hair. No wonder, this style is going to lead 2018 as well.

Subtle Purple Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

Today we rounded up purple balayage hair colors for 2018. This shade is associated with boldness but it still looks ultra-feminine and catchy. There are so many ways to pull off the shades. Be that balayage highlights, or ombre patterns you are going to stand out. It is a vivid shade, but you have a chance to personalize it to your own taste. Go on reading and explore the coolest hair color ideas.  balayage purple hair colorsPastel Purple Balayage

Not always purple hair colors, need to be bold and catchy. The following purple is girly and it leads towards the pastel fuchsia shade. These tones add a feminine touch to your style. However, the roots are maintained, while the edgy pastel is applied towards the tips to create an ombre hair color. Some strands are pulled high for a braided bun.

Adorable Kinky Twists Hairstyles for 2018

Kinky twists are another type of protective hairstyles that is created by Afro-American women. These twists can be used for an aesthetic reason but they are mainly created to protect your hair. Kinky twists can look twice cooler when paired with extensions. Below we have prepared a list of adorable kinky hairstyles for 2018. If you define yourself as a kinky haired lady and have an intention to create them, just take your time and check these pictures.kinky hairstylesMarley Kinky Twists

No doubt, these kinky twists are a dream for many ladies out there. Indeed, it’s a basic take on classic twists. These got the name Marley twists and they can be seen on black women’s head quite often. They are great on long hair, but if you don’t have enough length, ask for extensions. No one will guess that you are wearing faux locks.

Swoon-Worthy French Braid Ponytails

French braids are in mainstream like nothing else. Hairstylists use their imagination to create unique hairstyles using mini and bulky French braids. These braids look twice cooler when paired with ponytails. Here I have rounded up swoon-worthy French braid ponytails, to inspire you for a more feminine and trendy hairstyle option. If you are ready, just move on and check the pictures below.braided ponytail hairstylesSoft Ponytail and Chunky Braid

A regular French braid into a ponytail creates a head-spinner look. It provides lots of volume and dimension. To achieve the style, you will need to spray some texturizing hair spray and then tease the back of your ponytail. Keep the braid low for the best effect. The flowing locks will create a full style and provide with a fun look. Get it for yourself and rock it everywhere.

Weave Hairstyles to Blow Minds

The main reason of trying out the weave is that it allows you to finally have the hairstyle you have always wanted. It adds extra length and dimension. Weaves are great for everyone, so you can wear them every time and everywhere. Indeed, there are so many ideas and in order to help you with your choice, we have put together some mind-blowing weave hairstyles. If you have always dreamed of having long hair, it is your time to shine.weave hairstylesUltra-Long Weave Hairstyle

Weaves are used to give extra length. Depending on your preferences you can go as long as you want. You may take your inspiration from Disney princesses. After that you can get the curling iron to create some beach waves, although stick straight hair is not bad too. These ultra-long strands will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Try and you will not regret.

Long Pixie Haircut Ideas for 2018

We all know that going for a new haircut is an important decision, going shorter is even harder. When it comes to short crops, hairstylists always come up with pixies. For those, who are not into super short styles, the long pixie is the best solution. Long pixie is somewhere in between bob and pixie. Here are adorable long pixie hairstyles for 2018. There are plenty of ideas that you may use as a source of inspiration for your next hairstyle makeover.long pixie hairstylesRaven Long Pixie Style

Every trendsetter has probably managed to try a pixie-bob like this. It is sexy, beautiful and ultra feminine. The pixie has swept to the side in an effortless style to show off the beauty of the face. It is a typical long pixie that still allows you to style in different ways. A raven black hair color comes in handy yo make the style fuller and more impressive. 

Bangs Hairstyles for Black Women in 2018

Black hairstyles are a matter of impression. Afro-American women are versatile in terms of many things. They are intelligent, stylish and beautiful. In a word, they are inspiration for many other women out there. Today we have decided to cover some bangs hairstyles of black women for 2018. There are ideas for women with different lengths, so whether you have long, medium or short hair, check out these inspiring pictures. Ready? Let’s move on.bang hairstylesShoulder-Skimming Hair is with Forehead Bangs

The style seen in this picture is a shoulder-skimming locks and a full bang that covers the forehead. This hairstyle works great for women that want to cover their large forehead. When it comes to the rest of strands, you can give them some layers for a more interesting look. Indeed, it is one of the best option for black women. Note that making black mane straight requires some time and hair products.

13 Long Hairstyles for Special Events in 2018

Longer hair gives more space for experimenting with layers, shades and of course styling. Growing out hair is a difficult task but as soon as you do, you can be sure of having a mind-blowing appearance. Long hair looks great in any hairstyle- be that updo or donwdo. Get inspired with these long hairstyles for special events in 2018. Find new effortless ways of experimenting with your tresses.13 Long Hairstyles for Special Events in 2018Long Stick Straight Hair and Bangs

This long hair with long bangs style has been popular in the ‘70s but even today it has a styling power. Well, the hairstyle will look twice cooler on healthy hair. So, make sure you are conditioning regularly to maintain added shine and avoid split ends. A good hair color is also bonus for this style.

Edgy Braided Mohawk Hairstyles for 2018

Mohawk hairstyles are never going to be outdated, instead they are evolving day by day. Mohawks are associated with boldness and edginess. No wonder they are punks’ favorite style, although everyone can get the style. Classic Mohawks undergone numerous changes. However, modern versions of Mohawks look no less chic. Original Mohawks are known to be paired with shaved sides, but we are not going to make you shave your head, instead we suggest going for braids to imitate the shaved sides. Here are the most beautiful braided Mohawk hairstyles for 2018.braided mohawk hairstyelesMohawk Updo

You would never think of wearing a Mohawk updo formally, but prepare yourself for a big surprise. Your favorite Mohawk can be easily transform from casual to formal. This Mohawk is spiced with pastel highlights and braids. It is a great hairdo for women with medium length hair. You should use many bobby pins to secure your strands in place.